Mission Statement

North Lake Little League will provide a positive baseball and softball experience for players, families, coaches, and the community.  We will maintain an environment that encourages participation by any child that wants to understand and play the great games of baseball and softball.  We will foster a culture where life's lessons that are realized through these sports will always be valued over a win.  We will support our managers and coaches as they help players become better athletes and teammates.  While we will always appreciate outstanding play on the field, it is hoped that years from now, our players will remember their great friendships before their great plays.

Our League fully endorses the goals and values of Little League.

    - acquire an appreciation for an active lifestyle,
    - develop a positive self-concept by mastering baseball/softball skills,
    - learn how to work as part of a team,
    - develop social skills with other children and adults,
    - learn about managing success and disappointment,
    - learn good sportsmanship in baseball/softball and in life, and
    - learn respect for others.

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