Placement Guidelines - Softball

The cutoff date to determine a softball players league age is 12/31. For the 2022 season, a player's league age is their age on 12/31/2021.  Thus, a player's "league age" is whatever age they are at the beginning of the calendar year.

SB Level

League Age


2022 Fee*



When first learning, children league age 4 to 5 typically play T-Ball. This is a training ground for the youngest players. Many children league age 6 play T-Ball as well. These teams are coed teams. All 4-year-olds will be required to play T-Ball again next season. 4-Year-Olds must be able to follow directions and be willing to participate. These are co-ed teams using a safe-T baseball. Register within the Baseball Program. Coed BB




Six-year-olds may play at the Rookie (coach pitch) level if they are comfortable catching, throwing, and swinging at a pitched ball. Most children league age 7 play at the Rookie level if they have learned to catch balls thrown at face level and above with the glove held vertically rather than horizontally and are comfortable hitting a ball pitched by an adult. These are co-ed teams using a Safe-T baseball. Register within the Baseball Program. Coed BB


A SB                   (Formerly Farm SB)


Coach-pitch developmental games for Girls. Instructional division aiming to bridge the gap between Rookie BB and Softball. Players at this level are beginning to make plays in the field, and can safely handle a ball thrown at face level - able to deflect if not catch the ball. The player successfully puts the ball in play in most coach-pitch at bats.


AA SB (Formerly 89'ers)


Girls who play AA are of league ages 8 or 9 and are not ready for full-time player-pitch. At this level, girls pitch and can potentially be assisted by a coach to come in and provide pitching as well.


AAA SB (Formerly Minors)


Full-time player pitch. Girls should exhibit the ability to throw and catch and have a sound understanding of softball theory. Player assessments/tryouts are required.




Competitive level of play for girls league age 11-12. Note: Players can attain the age of 13 AFTER 1/1. At this level, stealing is legal upon a pitcher's release of the ball and rules such as a dropped third strike apply. Pitchers are required to throw from a distance of 40’. Player assessments/tryouts are required.




Fastpitch for girls who are fairly advanced in skill level and/or age. Girls league age 12 can play Juniors. Some girls league age 12 might be asked to "co-league" if there are not enough participants at the Junior level. A 12-year-old must participate in at least 60% of games at either the Majors or Juniors level in order to be qualified for All-Stars at that level.


District 8 Challenger Division - All Ages:
This division offers those physically or mentally challenged the opportunity to play baseball on a real team, please ask any questions you may have.

Player assessments/tryouts are only used to equalize the formation of teams and not to determine whether a player plays in the league or not.

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