2020 All Star commitment forms will be sent out early in the season as well as coach commitment forms. Player vote will then commence. Please read the below for more information.

What is the difference between the regular Little League season and All Stars?

1. If your player has an interest in playing baseball or softball All Stars do not plan family vacations in June/July and if playing on a Little League division team (10, 11, 12 team) tournaments could run into August at Williamsport for baseball and Portland for Softball. A commitment to All Stars if chosen as an All Star requires daily availability starting June 1st. Little League international mandates that All Star rosters cannot be announced prior to June 1st each year.

2.      You are playing with and against the best, so it is important to recognize your sons/daughters individual success during the regular season rarely translates to the same level during All Stars.  Managers and the coaching staff will decide the fielding positions and batting orders to provide the best opportunity for Northlake to be successful. Your son/daughter may be playing a position they have never or rarely played during the regular season. Comments and/or complaints to your player, to the coaches or to members of our league only serves to lessen the experience for all those involved. It is stressful enough so do not add a negative component to the experience.

3.      The Rules are different. You will not see a continuous batting order. Therefore, depending on roster size your son/daughter may only get one at bat in a game or one at bat and two innings on defense per Little League tournament rules.

4.      Tournaments are run by the District with the help of volunteers from each league within our District.

5.      During games there is no communication allowed between yourself and your player and or his/her manager and coaches. DO cheer and support them during the games but do not coach them from the bleachers.

6.      Help your manager – All Stars is a major commitment for players, player’s families, managers and coaches. Filling in roles to ease the burden of the manager and coaches not only brings the group together but allows managers to focus on practice planning, game planning and developing the players both in playing ball but also molding them into the leaders they will become on and off the field through the All Star process.

7.      Win or Lose your sons/daughters will remember the friendships they develop and the experience more than the result of any game or overall result while at the same time  intensely developing precise skills in the All Star environment. These memories last a lifetime for those who are selected and participate.


2020 Washington District 8 and State All-Stars Schedules




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